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Mon - Thus: 11:30AM - 10 PM

Fri - Sat: 11:30AM - 11 PM

Sunday: 11:30AM - 10 PM

6641 Old Dominion Drive McLean, VA. 22101 (703) 918-0080

Spring/Summer Lunch Menu



“Assaggi” Luncheon Special  (2 courses)  $15


CHOICE OF ONE ENTRÉE with a choice of one of the following:

Small Mista Salad or Soup of the Day, or Dessert of the Day


This icon (•) indicates “Luncheon Special” entrée items







Zuppa del giorno

Chef’s daily soup  6   (dairy free & gluten free)


Zuppa di fave e finocchi

Fava beans & fennel silky soup  7  (dairy free & gluten free)


Polipo grigliato

Grilled octopus, fava beans puree & tomato stew  14



Field greens, grape tomato, with balsamic vinaigrette  -  small 5   large 9



Imported burrata with roasted red beets & arugula salad   13



Natural grass fed beef “carpaccio”, tarragon & mustard sauce, spring salad  15



Local tomato, Buffalo mozzarella, genovese basil  15



Crispy calamari, shrimp & smelts with citrus & calabrian spicy pepper sauce


small 9   large 15








Sliced to order parma prosciutto aged 24 months & Buffalo Mozzarella small 8    large 15


Assaggi di Salumi

Tasting of a variety of cured meats     Small 13 Large 17

Prosciutto di Parma | “La Quercia”Coppa | Barolo Salame | Speck






The panini’s come with your choice of salad or house fries.



(•) Pollo

Grilled chicken breast, sautéed spinach & parmiggiano on ciabatta bread 10


(•) Pane e prosciutto

Grilled chicken breast, sautéed spinach & parmiggiano on ciabatta bread 10


(•) Vegetariano

Ciabatta bread, burrata, fava beans puree & marinated roasted bell pepper  9


(•) Panino tacchino

Roasted turkey, avocado, bacon & balsamic onion on whole wheat bread  10


Panino bistecca

New York steak with tarragon-mustard sauce & arugula on“filoncino”bread 13









(•) Lattuga

Butter lettuce, roasted red beets, asparagus, goat cheese & lemon dressing 12



Local field greens, grape tomato, shaved parmiggiano & balsamic vinaigrette   12


(•) Frittata

Mushrooms, green pea & parmiggiano frittata topped with field green salad  11


Cavolo Nero

Tuscan kale, fennel with tonnata sauce & toasted pine nuts  13


(•) Arugula

Baby arugula, grape tomato, shaved“parmiggiano”with balsamic vinaigrette  12


with grilled shrimp 6

with grilled calamari 5

with grilled chicken breast 6

with grilled New York steak 8

with grilled Tuna loin 9





Primi Piatti



* Ravioli di vitello

Veal stuffed ravioli, mushrooms-veal sauce & shaved parmiggiano 17


(•) * Gnocchi Sorrentina

Potato dumplings fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella & basilico  16


(•) Garganelli

Garganelli pasta with a beef, veal and pork “Bolognese” sauce 15


(•) Spaghetti

Spaghetti with manila clams, white wine and fresh chili peppers 16


(•) Orecchiette

Orecchiette with Italian sausage, black pepper, fava beans & parmiggiano fonduta  17


(•) * Penne integrali

Whole wheat penne with asparagus, spring peas, baby spinach & light basil pesto sauce  17


* Taglierini al nero

Squid ink taglierini, fennel frond, capers & lump crabmeat, olive  oil and garlic  18


* Cavatelli al ragu di vitello

Cavetelli pasta with veal ragu & arugula  17



* Pasta made fresh daily | Organic whole wheat and gluten free pastas available.





Secondi Piatti


(•) Spigola

Stripes bass, charred cauliflower, roasted oyster mushrooms  sauce  18


(•) Salmone

Wild Alaskan steel head salmon, fava beans puree, fennel & capers 16


(•) Cioppino

Ligurian mussels, clams, fish, shrimp & calamari stew, fett’unta  16


(•) *Pollo

Amish chicken paillard with mushrooms sauce, asparagus & roasted potatoes 15



Grilled rib eye steak, arugula & fennel & salad 18


*These items may be cooked to order- Consuming raw or under-cooked meat, poultry, and seafood can increase the risk of food borne illness


Please Contact us directly at 703.918.0080 for reservations

Domenico Cornacchia
Chef / Owner

Daniele Bolognesi
Chef de Cuisine

Selection and prices are subject to change.